Flowers For My Birthday

Matt has been out of town on my birthday for about five years running. It's not a big deal to me, but he has a tough time with it. I teach kickboxing on Thursday mornings. Today in class the lady from the front desk came in with this pretty arrangement of flowers and said they were from Matt for my birthday. He wanted to make it a spectacle in front of everyone so that I would feel special.
After the gym I met some friends at the Ninja Steakhouse where they cook the food in front of you. The children were entertained! It was a yummy lunch and I was happy to get to do something out of the ordinary.
After that I came home, put Ira and Selah down for a nap and tried to take one myself. After all, it is my birthday! Besides, I told a friend I'd teach her kickboxing class tonight. So I'm going to need some extra energy.
So, the day has been nice for me. Only one thing has bugged me all day....Selah has acquired this hideous screech. She just belts out a high pitched scream all day long. It gives me headaches and today she has been on super scream mode.
I didn't make a cake for myself this year, but I don't need the extra sugar anyway.
Happy Birthday to me!!!


enickel said…
With two workouts today, you DO need some extra sugar! Buy yourself something special! I know I would.
Heather said…
I've eaten three bananas, grits, a huge lunch, and cereal for a late afternoon snack. I think I've had my share of food for one day. I just keep eating because I know with these workouts I have to.
Julie said…
Happy Birthday! Go buy yourself a cake -- or some Haribo peaches -- eat half and put the rest in the freezer to eat one by one. Do you remember eating those in Austria? Every time I come across them, I buy some. None of the other brands compare. And, when I am eating them, I think of you.
Libby said…
i meant to call you all day yesterday! i am such a bad sister! sounds like you had a pretty fun birthday. happy birthday!!!
sherrie said…
happy birthday! i agree with erika, buy yourself something nice...
Shannon said…
Happy, Happy Birthday! I agree with Julie, buy some Haribo peaches and enjoy them one by one. I popped a lot of those with you in Austria as well and they remind me of good times. As always, you're an inspiration. I hope your birthday ended up to be a great day, you deserve it!
A very happy birthday Heather! Five years in a row he's missed your birthday??!! Make-ups will come... and make 'em good!!

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