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Brower the Brave!

Brower is really enjoying his new baseball gear! He got almost an entire uniform for Christmas helping him get ready for his first t-ball season coming up in a couple months.

Merry Christmas!!

Good morning! Emma came in our room at 6:30am wondering if she could wake all the other children up. We told her, as we had the night before, not until 7:00am. The girls just whispered and came to ask if was time yet about five more times.
Here they are, sitting in order of youngest to oldest....kind of. Ira wanted to sit next to Brower.

Santa Actually Came!

Here they are assessing the haul. Ira was happy with just his wodden pop out gun and Braves hat. He didn't even look at the other stuff until we practically forced him to.

Christmas Breakfast

Our traditional breakfast is always Jimmy Dean sausage, eggs, and cheese. We also have homemade cinnamon rolls and orange juice. It was nice to have some real food in the children after they attacked the candy in their stockings.

Sunday before Christmas

Here's the clan right before church yesterday. Aren't they cute in their Christmas dresses and shirts? At least the boys are smiling!

Who is missing?

Grandma and Grandpa Smith came to visit during Thanksgiving. We got a great picture before church with them. Matt was behind the camera, unfortunately, so we missed out having him in the picture too!

Family Home Evening

For FHE this week we went to pick out a tree and decorate. Everyone was very helpful. Matt built a fire as is our tradition every year toward the end of us setting up the tree. We usually have hot chocolate too, but it was too late by the time we had finished decorating. We saved that for the night after.

Almost Done!

Emma and Savannah helped put the lights on the tree.