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Girls in Pink...

Abby (Grandma Nickel) has given the girls some pretty sweet dresses over the years. The one that Selah is wearing used to be Eliza's. The one that Eliza is wearing used to be Emma's. Savannah is wearing Emma's old one. Emma's birthday was last week and Abby sent a much needed Sunday outfit for her. They all look beautiful.

Dapper Dan

Sumner looking Dapper in his Sunday dudds. The second picture is after church while he is taking a snooze.


We decided to grind some wheat and bake a loaf of bread for each of the kids teachers.
Emma's birthday was last week and I totally forgot to bake cup cakes for her class! So, we all made some tonight to bring to school tomorrow.

One Tired Chica!

Matt, Sumner, Selah, Ira and I went scouting out estate sales the past two weekends. We finally found some great stuff on Saturday. It was a longer day than we had anticipated, and the kids didn't get their daily naps. This is Selah on the way home. Ira was right next to her nodding off.
I'll have to take some pictures of the treasures we brought home. Matt did some wheeling and dealing and we came home pretty happy.

In Trouble

Matt made Selah put her nose in the corner the other day for being naughty. Poor little girl was devastated.

It is hard to punish her...look at that face!

Our Little Angel

I just can't get over the sweetness!

Lunchtime Prayer

This is what Selah did when Matt announced we were going to have a prayer to bless the food for lunch. As you can tell she put down what she was playing with and got ready. Matt waited to start while I took the picture and she stayed like that until the prayer was over.

Selah is our little cutie and seems to be doing new things every day!