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No Pictures

Our camera has bugged out on us. The focus is off and we can't figure out how to fix it. We are going to WA. on Tuesday and expect Marshall to use his "fix it" skills to solve the problem.
There have been so many things that I've wanted to post with cute pictures.

Emma has been competing with a swim team this summer. She has been doing very well. She swims in the 9-10 year old age group. She is one of the youngest because she just turned 9 in May. That hasn't stopped her though. She keeps being moved up heats to compete with the older kids in her age group. At her last meet she got first place in the back stroke and second in the freestyle. It is so awesome to watch her strategize. It is just awesome to know that she is that competitive as to have a strategy at all.
When she was swimming the freestyle she was neck and neck with the girl next to her. Emma was a little behind towards the last 2/3 of the race. After the race she told me that every time sh…