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Piano Extravaganza!

Emma's the blond in the middle. As you can tell by the background, the recital was at a church that has a band. The girls just used the piano. They were dressed as queen's and all the songs they played went along with that theme. Unfortunately we had to leave before the whole concert was over because my younger children were being way too loud and causing a scene. Emma had finished her stuff so we left before it was over. She couldn't claim her trophy for having the best attendance throughout the year.


My good friend Steffi came for a visit yesterday and left this morning. I met her while on my mission in Austria. She is from Germany and is now living in Texas. It was so nice to see her and for her to meet most of my family(Matt's out of town). It worked out perfectly because she was able to help me with Emma's party yesterday. I hope she comes back soon, and brings her husband with her!

Emma's birthday party....

Emma finally got her birthday party yesterday after school. Despite the windy and threatening weather, they unanimously decided to go swimming. After that we came home, ate dinner, decorated cupcakes, painted nails and while waiting for parents played "red light, green light.
It was a success for all involved.

Eliza Has Crazy Skills!

It was Eliza's last basketball game of the season today. She has been awesome all season. She makes a couple of baskets a game, but where she dominates is on the defensive end. Everytime they come down the court with the ball, somehow it ends up with Eliza. She's a crazy scrapper, but still super sweet! In this picture she just stole the ball and is starting the fast break.

Almost Summer!

It's the girls last Friday of school before Summer vacation begins. After school today we are having a birthday party for Emma. Girls only allowed! We'll see if the weather cooperates for swimming, then dinner, decorating cupcakes, banana splits and painting nails. If things get slow there's always the Wii....but I think we'll be fine.

Breakfast For Dinner

When Papa is out of town, one of the kids favorite things to do is eat cereal for dinner. I don't mind at all and I don't feel bad about it either!!! We have oatmeal, grits, cereal, top ramen, etc...
To most people these meals aren't considered acceptable for dinner....but they are for us and we love'em! I sometimes do these dinners when Matt is in town and I've had a rough day...I feel bad because he's a meat-eater but I know he doesn't mind.
It's a great money saver too and we rarely get complaints from the children. I am a lucky mom!
We can't wait until Pop gets back from Saudi Arabia. I'm sure he'll have a lot of fun stories to tell.

Sweetie Pie

Selah and I are ready for the gym.

Quality Time With Selah

Selah is seven months old today. What a little cutie we have.