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Anything to play with the girls!

Ira is willing to dress up however the girls want him to in order to play with them. He is usually less than enthusiastic about it, (which wasn't the case when Brower was the subject) but he goes along with it more as something he has to do in order to get their attention. He is definitely a clown and loves being silly.
Just look at him....the way he looks goes against everything feminine!

A little too much attention.


Selah's growning up!

Yesterday I decided to try out this little chair that is supposed to help little babies sit up. She liked it for a while. The children started to bug her while she was in it, so it didn't last as long as it could have. She is very strong, and as you can see, she has fairly long feet!

Itty Bitty Selah

Selah just had her four month doctor's appointment today. In pictures she looks just fine for a four month old. You can't tell that she is only 9 pounds 13 ounces. She is below the charts in weight, 50% in height, and 5% in head size. Other than her weight, she's a perfectly happy, normal child. She smiles and interacts with everyone. She just needs a little meat on those bones! I get to start feeding her rice cereal and juice now. YIPEE!

Valentine Girls

The girls are so excited for Valentine's Day at school. Emma made homemade cards for each child in her class weeks before today.
When Matt is out of town the girls take turns sleeping on his side of the bed. This past week, who ever's turn it was to sleep in my room got to stay up and decorate a tissue box for all of the valentine cards they are going to get in class. We also read books together. When it was their turn, they got to make a special call to papa all by themselves, right before bed.
Having special nights like these makes it a little more bearable for the girls when papa leaves town for extended periods of time.
We can't wait till he comes home tomorrow!!!

Ira's hungry....AGAIN!!!

Here is Ira trying his best to get into the pantry. We finally child proofed this closet because he was constantly getting everything out and making a disaster of the kitchen. He still makes the most of any moment of disaster making possibilities. Just last Sunday he got a hold of a newly opened gallon of milk and spilled every last drop on the kitchen floor....of course this happened before church! Matt was out of town at the time so I didn't have the option of going crazy. We made it to church on time and everyone was grounded for life. But everyone was in one piece and going to church helped me relax and realize grounding the children for life was probably a little harsh.

The other picture is of Ira trying to somehow see underneath the door.

Some more cute pictures of Selah....


Emma & Selah

Emma is cool, calm, & collected while taking care of her screaming sister.

Little Selah

What a beautiful smile our Selah has. She is almost four months old and is developing such a sweet personality.