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Last night we had lasagna for dinner. Too bad we didn't get a before picture. She had sauce from head to toe. Matt decided to bathe her in the kitchen sink. As you can see, she had a blast!

Food Storage

This was the meat that we bought, ground, bagged, and froze the other day. I only got a half a box (30lbs) because I didn't really know how much that would end up being space wise. I wasn't sure we could fit all of it in our freezer.
A friend in the ward came across a good deal at Sam's Club per box, so a bunch of ladies in the ward got together and bought a few. She had a meat grinder and invited us all to her house to grind away.
I love stocking up on food! It makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something worthwhile. I haven't done much stocking up on fresh foods. I mostly have the dry stuff.
Next time I'll get a whole box...30 lbs didn't end up taking that much space!
The top picture is Brower, Ira, and Sumner right before church. The bottom picture is the girls right before they left to travel to Abby and Abba's house for two weeks! Selah didn't go with them, but I wanted them all to match anyway.
Emma, Eliza, and Savannah have been there for 24 hours so far and are loving it! Sweets everywhere they turn, prizes galore, and new clothes! Oh, and of course Abby, Abba, Erika, Marshall and the cousins.

Get over it!

We thought that Selah had made a smooth transition from her crib to the toddler bed...until we found her one morning back in the crib. She has NEVER climbed out of her crib. But she is expert at climbing in. We have to be careful when Sumner's napping because she likes to get in and play with him.


Emma, Brower, Eliza, Savannah, and Ira eating lunch out back.

Isn't Matt handsome?