Friday, July 2, 2010

Selah at the Louisville Slugger museum in Kentucky

Selah could barely hold it, but she had to take her turn holding an authentic Mickey Mantle bat.
During Spring Break our family went to visit Matt's cousin, Aaron, and his family in Kentucky.
I had never been there before. It was beautiful and we all had a great time with the cousins.

Brower turned 6!

Brower had a great year in Kindergarten. He loves to learn and can't get enough. He is very patient when he wants to know how to do something. He will sit and watch until it is finished. The picture above with Uncle Aaron, Brower is watching how he makes waffles from scratch. He'll do the same with electricians, builders, athletes, and anything else.
The two kids sitting next to him are a couple of his best friends. Francisco is his best buddy and Rachel is a little sweet on him. And I think he likes her too (although he would never say it). She is a very forward little girl, but so cute!

Sumner's Birthday...

Sumner loved the candle on his cupcake. He kept reaching for it while the family sang "Happy Birthday" to him. He got really frustrated and started crying until we finished singing. As soon as he got his hands on the treat he was just fine!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Growing Up Fast

Everyone keeps asking me to post some pictures of Sumner. He is the sweetest, best baby ever!
Just look at that smile! He loves his jumper. The other kids come by while he is jumping and swing him as high as can be. He gets a kick out of that.

Matt and Jeff finished the Atlanta 1/2 Marathon!

Libby and Jeff came all the way from Pittsburg to visit us for Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving Day, Matt and Jeff traded the turkey bowl for running over 13 miles to finish the Atlanta 1/2 Marathon. They both did awesome and still had enough energy to be part of the festivities.

Should We Be Worried?

Ira has been spending a lot of time walking around the house with this purse. If I had any concerns about gender identity (I didn't), those concerns were without a doubt eased. I decided to see what he was carrying around in this little princess purse. I found that it was VERY heavy. The picture below is what I discovered when I opened it...

Ira's a smart little boy....looking all innocent, while secretly stashing all of these bullets right in the open! He's been fascinated with all things gun since going to the range one day with Matt. He got to wear ear plugs and learn all about gun safety. Needless to say our little guy is all boy!

Halloween Night

Emma decided to be a DIVA and Eliza was a dead bride. Can you tell? She's the one slumped over. Savannah was our little princess, and the boys were tough guys, as usual. The children can't get enough of this picture!