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Making that list...

Look who we ran into while walking around at Phipps Plaza. The kids were thrilled, they couldn't believe Santa was stopping to talk to them!

Our Little Women

Our little girls are growing up. They have so much fun together. From left to right....Eliza(7), Emma(8), Savannah(5). What a cute bunch!

Posing in Brass Plum

We went to the mall last week and wherever we went, Savannah was imitating the poses of the mannequin's. She would stand there motionless while shoppers walked by whispering, pointing, and smiling. I guess she's overcoming her shyness! This isn't a foreshadowing of things to come, however, this is as far as modeling goes in our house!
Happy Thanksgiving! We were so happy that Elizabeth, Jeff, and Jack could come for a visit and celebrate with us! Our friend, Byron, also celebrated with us. Actually, he made most of dinner. He is a great cook!
We are sticking around Georgia during Christmas time too. If any of you want to come for a visit, you are welcome.