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Ward Halloween Party

Savannah, Eliza, and Ira waiting to play a game. Aren't they so cute?

Selah had a great time at the party. She never slowed down. She has taken Ira's long held position in the home as being the most destructive and crazy. Today on the way to church she was beating Brower (our 5 year old) up in the back of the car. She does the same to Ira on a regular basis. The girl is ruthless, but somehow they still always want to be with her.
Emma, the dead bride and Bethany, the gymnast.
Emma was intent on being something dead this year. She got her wish. In this picture she was playing the part. She didn't smile because she said dead brides don't smile. Now she's over that and wants to be a DIVA for Halloween. I told her she doesn't need to dress up for that!

First tooth!

Savannah finally lost her first tooth during FHE this week. She is very excited because she is in second grade and pretty much everyone else have been losing their baby teeth for years!

The REAL storm

Everyone was so excited when the water started to rise. The neighbors came over with boogie boards and went surfing. Eliza is in the top picture taking her turn surfing. It was fun while it lasted. The water kept rising, making me a little nervous. Matt was out of town, so my awesome neighbor came over and dug a trench that led to some drains. The water flowed out of our backyard as fast as if we had flushed the toilet!
Quite an adventure, and something the children won't soon forget!