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What a handsome dude. All ready for church....ALMOST....

Closer Look...

Matt and I went out on a date on Saturday night and got a we often do. It is hard for the babysitter to focus on all 7 children at the same time. That is why we always tell them to pay close attention to Ira and Selah because they will slip out of sight and who knows what will happen!
So, as he often does, Ira found a way to slip under the radar and hide in Emma's closet. He found her fingernail polish on top of her closet and somehow climbed up and got it. He did a pretty good job painting his toes and got very little on the carpet. When we got home he was asleep so I had to wait until the next morning to take it off. We have 9am church and Matt is never there in the mornings to help. The boys wear salt water sandals to church so I had no choice but to scrub the paint off.
He really does love his sisters!

Best Buddies

Selah and Ira each had a cup full of shelled peanuts they were eating out back on top of the ball bin. Selah likes to eat them, shell and all. Part of a shell is on her chin. They were having a good time though. Our favorite way to eat peanuts is to buy them boiled.

Selah and Papa

Ever since Matt broke out the lawn mower, the hedger, the blower, and the weed wacker this summer, Selah has been petrified to go outside during the manicuring of the lawn. She'll scream if she just sees them being pulled out of the shed. So today was a real break through when she decided she'd have a go at mowing the lawn with Matt. She was very serious the whole time. Maybe she's over it! I guess we'll see next week when it starts all over again!