Sunday, July 13, 2008

Headed For Home

Judging by the look on Ira's face, he was quite ready to go home. After two weeks of nonstop fun, prizes, treats, and staying up late, I think we were all ready for a little quiet time.
We had such a great time playing with the cousins and spending time with Abby, Abba, Aunt Erika and Uncle Marshall. I think Abby and Abba will need a long break after the eight of us crashed their house and didn't exactly leave it how we found it! I hope they find it in their hearts to invite us back sometime.

Ira's New Hotrod!

Here's Ira taking Sara for a spin before dinner. What a hunk!

Too Cool in Nordstrom at Bell Square!

Perfect Day for a Visit to the Zoo!

Smiling Lemur's

Those little Lemur's wanted to say cheese for the camera too. Hannah, Emma, and Ira had a lovely time at the zoo.

Melissa and Me

I met Melissa and Grace, her 14 month old daughter at the zoo. It was a perfect day and we had tons of fun!

What a handsome boy!

Here's Brower hammin' it up for the camera!