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Sumner Warren Nickel

He's finally here! The children, and us, have been eagerly anticipating Sumner's arrival and we can finally say that he's here. Sumner was born yesterday (4/21/09) at 5:09 pm. He weighed in at a hefty (for our family of six pounders) 7lbs 12 oz. and measured at 19.5 inches long. Heather is my hero! She, again, solidified herself as the toughest person in our home. That title will not ever be relinquished.

Heather and Sumner are both home and are doing very well. They both worked hard yesterday and are looking forward to some needed rest in the coming days.

We love you Sumner...'til the numbers end (and they never end).

Here is Brower posing for a picture at the clubhouse in our neighborhood. I brought the children here to play on the playground. Brower preferred roller skating in the parking lot (which was vacant) with his new roller derby roller skates.

The Finished Product


Easter Cupcakes

Aunt Julie sent us a yummy recipe that has a nilla wafer at the bottom and a chocolate egg in the middle of the cupcake.
Emma, Eliza, and Savannah helped me bake and decorate.
Thanks Julie!!

Brower's bday party

The kids really get a kick out of this picture. Selah is so funny looking, starting out of the corner of her eye at the camera. Every time we look at it we get a good laugh. It's on our desktop.

New Counter Tops



This morning before school Ira and Brower were fighting over a blanket. They know that there are two of the exact same kind! The one that they refuse to use is on the floor right behind Ira!
All of us girls got a kick out of watching this.