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Here is the rug that I chose. I brought a friend along to the store who is an interior designer and she told me that the choice Matt and I had made wouldn't match our kitchen, which is in the very next room. So I decided to look around a little bit and we found this very nice rug in the slightly damaged section. You can see on the edge in front that it doesn't lay completely flat. With that being the only problem I decided to buy the better rug and spend the same amount I would have on the other one. But I got a much better product. So, once again, I got something other than what Matt and I had agreed upon. But he was happy with the selection. It's a good thing my friend came with me!
Next purchase....two chairs for either end of the table.

New Table!

It is a very rare occasion that Matt and I purchase furniture, so I thought it was okay to post our new kitchen table because I am soooo excited!
The family went to the furniture store to look for a table and chairs last Saturday. We picked out a lovely table that we thought would be great for us. When I went back a few days later to purchase it, Brower asked to go to the bathroom before we looked at the tables. So, while I was waiting outside the bathroom, I saw a table that wasn't even out on the floor yet. Long story short....I bought the table that Matt had never seen, along with some awesome chairs that he hadn't seen either. I was a little worried since he is the one with all of the decorative sense in the family(he comes from Alexis and Julie's in his blood).
Turns out he loves my choice. We were finallyable to move our dining room table out of the kitchen and out where it belong, in the dining room!

The Smith Girls...

We managed to get all of us mother's to sit still at the same time. Between chasing the children and getting dinner ready, it was a tall task.


Here are Hannah, Emma, and Eliza...the matching cousins. Thanks to Alexis, everyone had beautiful, matching clothes on our vacation to Utah.