Should We Be Worried?

Ira has been spending a lot of time walking around the house with this purse. If I had any concerns about gender identity (I didn't), those concerns were without a doubt eased. I decided to see what he was carrying around in this little princess purse. I found that it was VERY heavy. The picture below is what I discovered when I opened it...

Ira's a smart little boy....looking all innocent, while secretly stashing all of these bullets right in the open! He's been fascinated with all things gun since going to the range one day with Matt. He got to wear ear plugs and learn all about gun safety. Needless to say our little guy is all boy!


Libby said…
pretty funny but...where did he get the bullets?!
Heather said…
Matt has boxes of them in his closet. Don't worry, the guns are locked in a huge safe when they aren't strapped to Matt.
H Y S T E R I C A L!!!!
aa said…
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enickel said…
-hannah nickel

tell emma hi!!

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