Birthday Bash

From left to right...Ira, Emma, Brower, Eliza, Savannah, Selah.
After Brower's favorite dinner of taquittos, we moved on to cake and presents. What a party! We have enough children that we don't need to invite friends to our parties. It's a party everyday with just us!
He did have two friends to lunch this afternoon while the others were at school.


Julie said…
The orange jersey in the post above is nice, but I'm really a fan of the I heart NY t-shirt in this picture! Happy Birthday. Cute family!
Libby said…
sounds like a fun day! happy birthday brow!
enickel said…
I can't wait to see them all in person. Selah actually looks chubby!
Moss Fam said…
Your kids are adorable! Selah looks like she is gaining the weight she needed. Thank again for the reunion advice.
Melissa said…
Happy Birthday Brower & keep packin' on the pounds Selah! xo ~Melissa

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