Monday, February 16, 2009


Brower thought it would be fun to play in the stool, until he got stuck and couldn't get out. It took both mama and papa to get him to pick up the chair and turn it to the side, and one to pull him out. I think he learned his lesson, just take a look at the expression on his face!

Seattle Trip

Stephanie, Erika, and I kicking off our Seattle get-away.

Room Service

We were all very spoiled as we stayed in the nicest hotel in Seattle. We all totally deserved it so it was nothing but nice the whole time we were there.
Stephanie and Erika are preparing our delicious breakfast. Pancakes, hot chocolate and oatmeal.

Seattle Temple

We had to take a picture while it was snowing so that my Georgia family would remember what it looks like!

Where am I?

Anybody recognize this very familiar Seattle pig? Look behind me for a hint.

Happy to be Home

Sunday afternoon stroll through the neighborhood.


Emma, Eliza, Savannah, and mom happy to see each other after a week apart.